Stop searching for your purpose and be happy

Stop searching for your purpose and be happy

Western culture is obsessed with purpose. With meaning. With some intangible idea called ‘success’. We don’t just live. We can’t just be. Everything we do has to mean something. Life has to mean something.

People search for meaning everywhere. Religion. Philosophy. Buddhism. Fortune tellers. Mysticism. Even power, money, or fame. They travel the world, they self-actualize, they change careers, they connect with their inner selves, they go to meditation retreats, they start a quest for enlightenment.

Why am I here? They ask.

Why do I exist? What am I meant to do?

‘The Purpose Driven Life’ has sold 60 million copies, making it one of the best-selling non-fiction books of all time.

But it’s all smoke and mirrors.

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How cryptocurrencies will change the world

How cryptocurrencies will change the world.

By now you’ve probably heard of Bitcoin. If you are young and internet savvy, or you keep up to date with the tech world, there’s a good chance you at least know what it is, even if you don’t understand how it works or why it’s important. But the rest of you may be completely clueless, as I was until recently.

Well, it’s time that you learn about Bitcoin, because Bitcoin (or something like it) will dramatically change the world and the way that we live.In fact, it already is. Stick around and I will tell you why.

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Why God must exist (and why He doesn’t)

The existence of God: why God must exist (and why He doesn't)

Most of us are aware that it’s impossible to prove to anyone that God does or does not exist. There is no smoking gun. For those that believe either way, it’s not because of incontrovertible scientific evidence. They are convinced it’s true because of what they’ve seen and felt and experienced. The best one can hope to do is present an impassioned or well-reasoned argument one way or the other.

So in that spirit, I present an argument for each side. Regardless of where you stand, I hope that you can see at least some merit in both points of view. This article is not intended to convince you of either argument, but to give you some insight into different points of view. I leave you to draw your own conclusions.

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